WS23U1G103642 - 440, 4spd, EV2 - Daron Keith


    Year 1971   Cylinders 8
    Make Dodge   Displacement 440 4bbl
    Model Charger R/T   Engine HP 370
    Base Mfr's Price $3,777   Transmission Auto
    Body Type 2-Door Hardtop   Rear Axle ***
    VIN WS23U1G103642   Gears ***
    Build Date Aug. 19, 1970   Brakes ***
    Exterior Color EV2 Hemi Orange Metallic   U Built for U.S.A.
    Interior Color Bucket Seats Black  
    Factory Options   Additional Information
    A33, B11, C16, V55, G36, L31, M21, N41, N85, N96, R11, V21, V6X, 26  

    A brief story of how I acquired the car.


    In 2003 It cought my eye. it was the 1971 R/T sitting on Centerline Convo Pro's. In a warehouse sitting under half a cover, verry hard to miss dressed in Hemi Orange with black stripes. There it sat with the hood up, I looked in and saw it had Indy logos on the valve covers. At the time I really didn't know what it was other than it was a modified R/T Charger. A couple years had passed in which during that time the owner had the original numbers matching motor and Hemi Transmission rebuilt and partially installed back into the car.


    I would see the car periodically but some time had gone by when I found myself poking around the Internet looking at Charger R/T cars on ebay. I saw that the Charger R/T was fairly rare. I saw a Blue 4 Speed listed for over $60,000. The more details I found out about the car in the warehouse the more rare it seemed to be. It was a frame off restoration. I was thinking about the options. Dual painted racing mirrors a console 4 speed with the Ram Charger hood. It was all I could think about. That was it, I had the itch. I had the itch for a piece of American muscle history.


    In February 2006. it was near my birthday, I found myself at the warehouse day dreaming and asking if the car was still for sale. It sure was, but the price was even higher than before. My wife and I sold our first house for a small profit and I had the money. We talked about the car. She listened more than she gave input, but after a couple of weeks I had finally convinced her that it would be a good investment.


    In March 2006 I purchased the car covered in dust, and had it towed to the home I grew up in. It was my new home The house I had just purchased from my parents one month prior. I parked The R/T in the garage where I had worked on so many cars growing up. I remember I stood at the front of the car looking at it thinking Dreams do come true. A wife, a Baby, A house and now a car, not just any house, not just any wife, not just any child or not just any car hey were mine. I was the care taker of all these wonderful things.


    In March 2006 after I went to work on it chipping in a couple hours here and there to get the final pieces installed. I got it running and have taken it to nemerous car shows. My favorite was When It got the Best of show Kids choice award. I was able to take the car in the parade with all the kids from our group hanging out of the windows. I enjoy owning it and showing it, but most of all I enjoy driving the snot out of it!


    Daron Keith and Family


    '71 Charger R/T '71 Charger R/T
    '71 Charger R/T '71 Charger R/T