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By Marc Rozman

I wanted to send you few photos of my motherís car. Story is my father was a executive at Chrysler Highland park, got a promotion to get a second least car. My mother and I got our drivers licenses about the same time period so my dad said order something that your mom and you can drive. Since it was already mid way through the model year we would only have the car for 6 months probably. My mother was pretty easy and like new and fun things. I did my homework and came up with the new 1971 Charger and the Super Bee model look cool. It was pretty loaded but for the bigger engine option, so like you it was a 383 4 barrel Automatic with the Air Grabber hood.

I love that car, wash and wax it all the time. When time came to turn it in I wanted my Data to buy it and sell the 68 Dart we had that my older brother was driving. He did not go for it. From what we heard the car sold within an hour of returning it to the marshaling lot. I have not seen the car since. Unfortunately I did not any of the paperwork on the car but wanted to share the story and info for your files. Iím pretty sure we took delivery in the spring since it was nicer out but to summer. I drove it to school a few time and the hot dates of course.

I ended up taking possession of the 68 Dart eventually and had fun with that but sure would have been nice to have that Charger all this time.

In the 90ís I had money saved up to buy anther Dart to play with and ended up finding a 69 Charger R/T SE instead, what a good move. Had it for 12 years, fun but sold it 3 years ago to get a new 2014 AWD Hemi Charger.



'71 Super Bee '71 Super Bee '71 Super Bee
'71 Super Bee

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