1971 Charger Super Bee The Charger model designation expanded in "71 - there was the Base model, Custom, 500, SE, R/T and Super Bee. The performance Charger model the R/T was still the top Charger model, with its standard 440 c.i. engine and Torqueflite automatic transmission. Optional engines were the 440- Six Pack and 426 Hemi. (Hemi History) The usual heavy duty suspension, drum brakes and bucket seats were standard equipment. The R/T came with a blacked-out hood bulge and side tape treatment and two unique vertical tape stripes on each door. The vertical stripes were supposed to simulate side scoops. The Ramcharger functional hood scoop was optional equipment, but standard with the 426 Hemi engine. (sound of a Hemi)

Because the Coronet line was consolidated, the Super Bee (Super Bee History) was no longer available as part of the Coronet line. Instead, in its last year, the Super Bee became a separate Charger model. Similar in styling to the R/T, the Super Bee came with a blacked out hood treatment that incorporated a large, round Super Bee decal. The Super Bee also got the same side stripes but without the two door stripes. In the interior, the Super Bee came with a front bench seat but buckets were optional.

1971 Charger Super Bee The 1971 Charger got a totally new body, with ventless side windows, concealed windshield wipers and a semi-fastback roof design. Although the Charger looked longer than before, it was actually shorter by two inches - but it was wider. Breaking with the past, the Charger now sported a split front bumper design. It was the last year for the true high performance Charger as all the high performance engines were dropped in 1972.

Color keyed bumpers were optional on both the R/T and Super Bee as were front and rear spoilers.

426 Hemi production consisted of 22 Super Bees (13 w/Torqueflite & 9 w/4-spd) and 63 R/Ts (33 w/Torqueflite & 30 w/4-spd).

Super Bee

Year Body Style Production Total Production
1968 Coupe 7,842 7,842
1969 Coupe 7,650
1969 Hardtop 18,475 26,125
1970 Coupe 3,740
1970 Hardtop 10,614 14,254
1971 Hardtop 5,054 5,054
1971 SHIPMENTS to U.S.A Dealers 4,325

Production Numbers of '71 Super Bee

Number Motor Option Transmission
2,889 383 Magnum HD automatic
766 383 Magnum 4-speed
203 383 Magnum 3-speed
268 340 4bbl HD automatic
39 340 4bbl 4-speed
69 440 Six Pack HD automatic
30 440 Six Pack 4-speed
26 440 4bbl (no trans. breakdown)
13 426 Hemi HD automatic
9 426 Hemi 4-speed

Production Numbers of '71 Super Bee

Number Motor Option
1 426 Hemi (Canadian)
9 Sunroof

1971 Super Bee

With Opt Code Description Percent Total Production
R11 Music Master radio AM 85.6% 3,702
S77 Power Steering 84.1% 3,637
W/O N42 Chrome exhaust tips 68.5% 2,963
C16 Console w/Woodgrain Panel 40.1% 1,734
G11 Tinted glass all 30.6% 1,323
B41 & B51 Front disc brakes
Power Brakes
30.2% 1,306
F25 Battery 70 Amp Hour
(Series 27 w/Red Caps)
6.3% 272
W11 Deluxe Wheel Covers 5.9% 255
E87 440 6-bbl 2.3% 99
E87 & D32 440 6-bbl
Auto Trans
1.6% 69
T46 G78x14 WSW .4% 17

Production Numbers of '71 Dodge Charger

Year Body Style Production Total Production
1971 Coupe 471
1971 Hardtop 41,564
1971 500 10,306
1971 SE 14,641
1971 Super Bee 5,054
1971 R/T 2,659 74,695