1971 B-Body Coding --- A ---

Code Number Description & Application
A01 Light Package
A02 Driver Aid Group
A04 Basic Radio Group
A05 Protection Group
A09 Concealed headlamps with inside hood release-Dodge
A21 Elastomeric Colored Front Bumper Package
A22 Elastomeric Colored Front & Rear Bumper Package
A28 Noise-reduction package-includes turned-down tailpipes, maximum-cooling package & torque drive fan (Required on E87+D34 in Calif.)
A31 High Performance Axle package - 3.91 ratio (340 & 383 only)
A32 Super Performance Axle package - 4.10 Dana (440 & 426 only)
A33 Trak Pak package - 3.54 ratio (440 & 426 w/ 4-speed std.)
A34 Super Track Pak package - 4.10 Dana (440 & 426 w/ 4speed opt.)
A35 Trailer towing package
A36 Performance Axel package - 3.55 ratio (340 & 383 both, 440 & 426 auto.)
A37 Taxi Package
A38 Police Package
A44 Rear Window Louver Package
A45 Front spoiler(s) and aerodynamic rear spoiler. NOTE: Front spoilers were dealer-installed on Plymouth B-Bodies
A46 Moulding Package
A54 Front and rear Colored Bumper-included louvered tailights and black painted grille; N/A with Code A09-Dodge
A55 Custom Trim Package
A60 4-Speed Transmission Special Package
A61 Automatic Transmission Special Package
A62 Rallye instrument cluster
A67 Backlight Louver Package
A78 Formal Roof Package
A82 Police Ornamentation Group
A83 New York Taxi Package
A85 Charger Topper Group
A88 Interior Decor Group
A93 B & E Body Coupe Package
A94 Reminder Light Package
A97 Special Packag
A99 Special Coupe Package

1971 B-Body Coding --- B ---

Code Number Description & Application
B11 HD drum brakes
B41 Front disc brakes
B51 Power breaks-required with disc brakes on B-Body
B64 4-Wheel Skid Control

1971 B-Body Coding --- C ---

Code Number Description & Application
C02 Seat Belts - Delete All Standard
C14 Rear Shoulder Belts
C16 Console w/Woodgrain Panel
C21 Center Front Seat Cushion
C23 Rear Armrests w/ashtray
C26 Consolette w/Formed Headlining
C32 Delete Head Restraints
C34 Front Seat Shield
C51 Bench Seat-Split 50/50
C52 Bench Seat
C55 Bucket seats
C61 Bucket Seat Left Reclining
C62 Driver's-side 6-way manual seat adjuster
C65 Air Foam Front Seat
C81 Seat Spring - H.D. Front
C83 Seat Spring - H.D. Rear
C85 Seat Spring - H.D. Front & Rear
C91 Floor Mats - H.D. Front
C92 Floor Mats - Accessory Rubber
C93 Carpet
C95 Floor Mats - H.D. Front & Rear Black
C96 Trunk Dress-Up Partial
C97 Trunk Dress-Up
CTD Codes Continued on 2nd Fender Tag

1971 B-Body Coding --- D ---

Code Number Description & Application
D13 On 383's, 3-speed floor shift Manual Ttransmission 203 were made
D21 A-833, 4-speed Manual Transmission
D31 A-904 3-Speed Auto Transmission
D32 A-727, 3-speed Automatic Transmission Heavy Duty
D34 Light Duty Automatic Transmission
D36 A-727 3-Speed Automatic Transmission
D41 Clutch H.D. 9 1/2" Diameter
D49 Special Order Transmission
D51 2.76:1 Rear Axle Ratio
D53 3.23:1 Rear Axle Ratio
D56 3.54:1 Rear Axle Ratio or 3.55:1 Axel Ratio
D57 3.91:1 Rear Axel Ratio
D58 4.10:1 Rear Axle Ratio
D59 4.56:1 Axel Ratio (dealer installed)
D69 Special Order Rear Axle
D91 Sure Grip differential

1971 B-Body Coding --- E ---

Code Number Description & Application
E22 198 cid 1 barrel 6 Cylinder 125hp
E24 225 cid 1 barrel 6 Cylinder 145hp
E25 225 cid 1 barrel 6 Cylinder H.D. 145hp
E44 318 cid 2 barrel V8 230hp
E55 275 hp, 340 4-bbl
290 hp, 340 3x2 bbl
E65 300 hp, 383 4-bbl
E74 425 hp, 426 8-bbl
E85 350 hp, 440 4-bbl
E86 370 hp, 440 4-bbl
E87 385 hp, 440 6-bbl
E91 Police Engine

1971 B-Body Coding --- F ---

Code Number Description & Application
F11 50 Amp Alternator
F13 60 Amp Alternator
F15 65 Amp Alternator
F17 Radio Supressor Package
F22 Battery 46 Amp Hour (Series 24 w/Green Caps)
F23 Battery 59 Amp Hour (Series 24 w/Yellow Caps)
F25 Battery 70 Amp Hour (Series 27 w/Red Caps)
F56 Antifreeze Tested -35ยบ F
F82 Remote Control Deck Lid
F95 Certified Speedometer
F96 Oil Pressure Gauge

1971 B-Body Coding --- G ---

Code Number Description & Application
G01 Elec. R Win Defog
G11 Tinted glass all
G12 Tinted side glass
G15 Tinted Windshield
G18 Clear windshield (with ac)
G21 Clear Glass (with ac)
G25 Manual Vent Wing
G30 Delete mirrors
G31 Right manual OSRV chrome racing mirror (G33 required)
G32 OS RH Manual Racing Mirror
G33 Left remote control OSRV chrome racing mirror
G34 OS LH Remote Racing Mirror
G35 Delete Standard Outside Mirror
G36 Left remote control & right manual painted racing mirrors
G36 OS Dual Racing Mirrors
G37 OS Dual Racing Mirrors
G41 Day/Night Inside Rear-View Mirror
G42 Non Day/Night Inside Rear-view Mirror

1971 B-Body Coding --- H ---

Code Number Description & Application
H25 Heater delete
H31 Rear Window Defogger
H41 Heater w/ Upper Level Vent
H51 Air Conditioning

1971 B-Body Coding --- J ---

Code Number Description & Application
J01 Driver Education Decal
J11 Glove box lock
J14 Delete Cigar Lighter
J15 Cigarette lighter
J21 Electric Clock
J24 Headlamp Washer
J25 3 Speed Wipers
J31 Duel horns
J32 Single Horn
J41 Pedal dress up
J42 Pistol Grip shifter
J45 Hood tie-down pins
J46 Locking Gas cap
J52 Inside hood release (first year option) included with A09-Dodge
J54 Sport Hood
J55 Undercoating with Hood Pad
J64 Instrument Panel Woodgrain
J68 Backlight louvers (N/A in PA) included G31 and G33 or G36-Plymouth
J78 Front spoiler(s)
J81 Aerodynamic rear spoiler

1971 B-Body Coding --- L ---

Code Number Description & Application
L05 Map Light
L06 Dome/Reading Lamp
L11 Glove Box Light
L15 Ash Receiver Lamp
L25 Trunk Lamp
L31 Hood or fender-mounted turn signal indicators
L34 Road Lights
L35 Cornering Lamps
L37 Concealed headlamps-Dodge
L42 Headlamp time delay with lamp-on reminder
L61 Dome Lamp Switch Rear Doors
L65 Ignition Switch Lamp /with time delay
L68 Auto Headlamp Dimmer
L71 Door Ajar Lamp
L72 Headlamp On Buzzer
L73 Seatbelt Unfastened Lamp
L75 Low Fuel Lamp
L76 Heater Controls Lamp

1971 B-Body Coding --- M ---

Code Number Description & Application
M05 Door edge guards
M21 Roof drip rail moldings
M25 Wide sill moldings
M26 Wheel Lip Moldings
M27 Delete Wheel Lip Moldings
M28 Front Bumper Periphery
M31 Belt and Hood Moldings
M33 Body Side Moldings
M36 Rear Bumper Periphery
M38 Decklid Finish Panel Moldings
M41 License Plate Frame
M42 Front Stone Shield Moldings
M43 Grille Trim Moldings
M44 Hood and Fender Moldings
M51 Power sunroof w/full vinyl roof
M71 Front elastomeric bumpers
M72 Rear elastomeric bumper
M73 Front and rear elastomeric bumpers
M75 Rear bumper tape treatment-Plymouth
M81 Front Bumper Guards
M83 Rear Bumper Guards
M84 Tail Step Sill Plate
M85 Front & Rear Bumper Guards
M88 Decklid Moldings Treatment
M91 Deck lid luggage rack
M93 Body Side Moldings Delete

1971 B-Body Coding --- N ---

Code Number Description & Application
N23 Electronic ignition system-included with E55 on A-Bodies
N41 Duel exhaust system
N42 Chrome exhaust tips
N51 Maximum Engine Cooling
N85 Tachometer
N96 RamCharger (carb fresh air package)
N97 Noise reduction package for California (turn down tailpipes)
N98 Exhaust Emissions Standards Label

1971 B-Body Coding --- P ---

Code Number Description & Application
P21 Power Front Bench Seat
P25 Power Left Front Seat
P28 Power Left/Right Front Seat
P31 Power Windows
P45 Power Deck Lid Release

1971 B-Body Coding --- R ---

Code Number Description & Application
R11 Music Master radio AM
R13 Deluxe AM 5 1/2 Watts
R21 AM/FM Radio 5 1/2 Watts
R22 AM Radio with 8 Track 10 Watts
R26 AM Stereo radio with cassette player (first year option)
R31 Rear Seat Speaker
R32 Dual Rear Speakers
R33 Microphone
R36 AM/FM Stereo radio with cassette player (first year option)

1971 B-Body Coding --- S ---

Code Number Description & Application
S13 Heavy-duty (Rallye) suspension
S15 Extra heavy-duty (Hemi) suspension
S25 Heavy-duty shock absorbers
S28 Extra heavy-duty shock absorbers
S62 Tilt steering column with Rim Blow steering wheel
S83 Rim Blow steering wheel
S84 Tuff steering wheel

1971 B-Body Coding --- T ---

Code Number Description & Application
T87 F70x14 rwl Goodyear Polyglas tires
T93 G70x14 rwl Goodyear Polyglas tires

1971 B-Body Coding --- U ---

Code Number Description & Application
U86 G60x15 rwl Goodyear Polyglas GT tires

1971 B-Body Coding --- V ---

Code Number Description & Application
V21 Hood performance treatment
V1X Full Vinyl (roof variable color)
V5_ Vinyl (color insert) body-side mouldings
V6X Body-side tape stripes
V7_ Hood to fendre stripes for Plymouth
V8_ Roof to quarter panels strobe stripe-Plymouth
V_8 Stripe delete-A, B and E-Body

1971 B-Body Coding --- W ---

Code Number Description & Application
W21 14-inch (A, B & E-Body) or 15-inch (B & E-Body) Rallye wheels
W22 Rallye wheel/trim rings
W23 14-inch 5-spoke road wheels

1971 B-Body Coding --- Y ---

Code Number Description & Application
U USA Specifications
C Canada Specifications
I Export Specifications
Y11 Domestic Publications
Y13 Dealer demonstrator
Y14 Vehicle sold to customer order
Y15 Direct Sale
Y16 Vehicle built for the sales bank
Y17 Corporate Lease Car - System
Y22 Corporate Lease Car - Executive
Y28 Company Car/Public Relations
Y33 Fleet Sales
Y37 Outside modification vendor-American Sunroof
Y39 Special Order
Y54 Chrysler Management Employee Purchase
Y91 Show Car Finish A - NO Gas
Y93 Show Car Finish B - NO Gas
Code Number Description & Application
U/C/I Vehicle built to specification for U.S.A./Canada/International (export)

NOTE: The Chrysler Parts Accessories '71 booklet had the following items listed that might be considered "factory speed equipment":

  • Fire extinguisher
  • Hood or Steering column-mounted tachometers
  • Bowling ball bag with Penastar logo

Mid-Year Changes:

Front and rear spoilers were made available. The five spoke road wheels were not available with the G70x14-inch tires (T93).
Effective with mid-October production, the 340-4V engine was made available on the Super Bee model. Transmission, axle and tire availability were the same as for the 383. Speed control was not available; all other 383 options were.
In order to reduce plant complexity, the following options were cancelled effective 12/1/70:
  • manual 6-way driver's seat
  • colored bumper package with Dark Green Metallic (GF7) paint
Note: Normally, the plants used up all existing material available, therefore, it is possible a car built after the effective date was equipped with the cancelled option.

Five spoke road wheels were released with the G70x14-inch tires (T93).
Collapsible spare was released for the Super Bee and Charger R/T.
Dealers were advised that during the last 30 days of 1971 production, colored-keyed seat belts were phased out and replaced with black belts.