1971 Super Bee Dodge Charger Super Bee

    '71 Charger Super Bee

   Chrysler Corporation Car Production Broadcast Sheet

Line 2 is Basic Car information.

This line is a continuation of major componets installed on the car.

E22 = 198 cid 1 barrel 6 Cylinder 125hp
E24 = 225 cid 1 barrel 6 Cylinder 145hp
E25 = 225 cid 1 barrel 6 Cylinder H.D. 145hp
E44 = 318 cid 2 barrel V8 230hp
E55 = 275 hp, 340 4-bbl
           290 hp, 340 3x2 bbl
E65 = 300 hp, 383 4-bbl
E74 = 425 hp, 426 8-bbl
E85 = 350 hp, 440 4-bbl
E86 = 370 hp, 440 4-bbl
E87 = 385 hp, 440 6-bbl
E91 = Police Engine
D13 = 3-speed floor shift Manual Ttransmission
D21 = A-833, 4-speed Manual Transmission
D31 = A-904 3-Speed Auto Transmission
D32 = A-727, 3-speed Automatic Transmission Heavy Duty
D34 = Light Duty Automatic Transmission
D36 = A-727 3-Speed Automatic Transmission
D49 = Special Order Transmission

This was for a heavy-duty clutch ordered on a 6 cylinder or a 318-ci V8. All HP motors came with a heavy-duty clutch, so no number would be printed. The Code would be a "1" in the box.

D41 = Clutch H.D. 9 1/2" Diameter

2 digits for the axle code.

D51 = 2.76:1 Rear Axle Ratio
D53 = 3.23:1 Rear Axle Ratio
D56 = 3.45:1 Rear Axle Ratio Dana 60
3.55:1 Axel Ratio
D57 = 3.91:1 Rear Axel Ratio
D58 = 4.10:1 Rear Axle Ratio Dana 60
D59 = 4.56:1 Axel Ratio Dana 60 (dealer installed)
D69 = Special Order Rear Axle
SG Sure Grip:

The last number of the sales code D91.

T-U-W Tires:

The salse code for tires. It will always start with a T, U or W.

T35 = F78x14" Bias Belted BSW
T45 = G78x14" Bias Belted BSW
T55 = H78x14" Bias Belted BSW
T86 = F70x14" Bias Belted WSW
T87 = F70x14" Bias Belted RWL
T93 = G70x14" Bias Belted RWL
U86 = G60x15" Bias Belted RWL

Complete list of Tire Sales Codes

The salse code for spair tire.

W07 = Delete Spair
W08 = Regular Spair used for Convertible
W09 = Compact Spair

The salse code for Space Saver spair tire W34.


The salse code for Additional tire/wheel options.

Trim Code:

The salse code for Interior.

C6X9 = Charger/Bench/Black

Complete list of Trim Codes
UDF Upper Door Frame:

This is the color of the doorframe inside the car that is not covered by door panel.

TX9 = Black

Complete list of Color Catalog Codes
Paint Style:

Three digit code.

V01 = Single Tone Paint
V02 = Two Tone Paint
V08 = Paint, Trim, and Vinyl Roof Edit Waiver
V09 = Paint Special Order
Body Paint Style:

Three digit code for Body color.

GB5 = Bright Blue Metallic

Complete list of Color Catalog Codes
Roof Paint Style Top:

Three digit code for Roof color or Vinyl top.

GB5 = Bright Blue Metallic
V1X = Black Vinyl Top

List of Vinyl Roof Colors

A single digit will go in the box to complete the code.

V21 = Performance Hood Treatment
V22 = Delete Sport Hood Treatment
V24 = Performance Hood Treatment w/CID

A three digit code for additional Y Codes.

Y91 = Show Car Finish A / Less Gas
Y93 = Show Car Finish B / Less Gas

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