1971 Super Bee Dodge Charger Super Bee

    '71 Charger Super Bee

   1971 Charger R/T Optional Items

Performance axle package. CODE A36.
Available with 440 Magnum or 426 Hemi with TorqueFlite only, it features a 3.55 rear axle ratio.

Track Pak. CODE A33 Available with the 4-speed manaul with 440 Magnum or 426 Hemi, it has a 3.54

rear axle ratio and heavy-duty 9 3/4" Dana rear axle.

Super Track Pak. CODE A34 Available with the 4-speed manual or ToqueFlite with the 440 Magnum or 426 Hemi, it has a 4.10 rear axle ratio and heavy-duty 9 3/4" Dana rear axle.

440 Six Pack. CODE E87.
Equipped with three 2-barrel carburetors, the Six Pack turns up 385 horsepower.

1971 CHARGER 440 426

426 HEIM. CODE E74.
For the ultimate in power, the Hemi is equipped with two 4-barrel carburetors and turns up 425 hoursepower.

1971 CHARGER A54 Bumpers

Body color bumpers

As an option, the front and rear bumpers can be painted in body color.

Power disc breaks.

Disc brakes in front and drum brakes in the rear provide a large extra margin of stopping power.

1971 CHARGER B41 S84

"TUFF" steering wheel.

Optional at extra cost on Charger R/T is this foam-covered, 14 1/2" diameter performance wheel with padded horn button. Power steering required.

Front and rear spoilers.
These provide negative lift for greater traction and control - particularly at high speeds. CODE A45 - front and rear. CODE J81 - rear only.

1971 CHARGER Spoilers

Ram Charger hood (CODE N96) with hold-down pins. (CODE J45).
A special hood with dash controlled fresh-air scoop combined with the Nascar-type hold down pins add greatly to the performance look of Charger R/T. The Ram Charger hood is standard with the 426 Hemi.

1971 CHARGER N96 N92

Chrome exhaust tips.

A bright touch for the rear of the Charger R/T

Rallye wheel. CODE W21.
In both 14 and 15 -inch sizes. It has exposed chrome-plated lug nuts and brushed trimming.

1971 CHARGER W21 W23

Road wheel. CODE W32.
Available in 14-inch only, they seem made to order for Charger R/T.

Wire wheel cover.

In 14-inch only, it is both distinctive and appealing in appearance.

1971 CHARGER W15 U86

G60 x 15" raised white letter tires. CODE U86.
Optional at extra cost, the G60 x 15" tires are 10% wider than the G70 and feature larger, raised white lettering.

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