1971 Super Bee Dodge Charger Super Bee

    '71 Charger Super Bee

   1971 Steering Wheels


    1971 Steering Wheels

Here are the standard and opitional steering wheels that are available on Charger S.E., Charger R/T, Charger 500, Charger Super Bee, and Charger. Select the wheel you like best.

1971 CHARGER Steering Wheels 1971 CHARGER Steering Wheels

CODE S81 Standard on all Charger models except the Coupe, three-spoke with horn bars and padded center. Optional on the Coupe.

CODE S62 Optional on all models. With the tilt feature only, it has two spokes, padded center and rim blow. N.A. with console. Requires power steering and automatic transmission.

1971 CHARGER Steering Wheels 1971 CHARGER Steering Wheels 1971 CHARGER Steering Wheels

Standard on the Charger Coupe. N.A. all others. Three spokes, color-keyed, vinyl covered, padded horn button.

CODE S83 Optional on all models. Wood-grain, it has three spokes with pad, and the rim-blow feature.

CODE S84 Optional on all models. This "Tuff" steering wheel is 14 1/2" in diameter, and is covered with soft foam. Padded horn button in center. Power steering required.

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