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By Rich Mager

I have been into mopars from the time I started driving back in 1977. Back then, these were just used cars and could be picked up real cheap I have had in the past (3) 69 RT Chargers, (2) 69 340 Darts a 71 Duster 340, 71 Demon 340 and a 70 Challenger RT convertable (factory 440-4 4-speed, 3.54 Dana) that I unfortunately parked around a telephone pole back in '83. (I still have the dash plate and fender tag which I will NEVER SELL!!).

One day back in '85 my brother bought a 71RT body, no rust, for 175.00. I helped him put the car together over the years and it has been a nice driver for him ever since. I started trying to get him to sell it to me over the years, but he would not do it. Even though it would sit some- times for years, he refused to sell. Which started my search for one of my own.

After countless wanted ads on various websites and daily checks on Ebay I was getting a bit discouraged at the lack of '71's around for sale. My only requirement was that it HAD to be a FACTORY 4-speed car.

In Dec.'02, while checking Ebay, I spotted a ad for a '72 "U" code, 4-speed SE in upstate NY. I saw other cars in the background of the photo and stated that while the SE was nice, I was in the market for a 71RT. Lo and behold, I got a response that he in fact also had a 71RT and it was for sale! At the time the asking price was $16K.

After countless e-mails over a month, and no longer getting any responses, I thought that it had been sold locally or the owner had had a change of heart. Months went by and last June I decide to e-mail him one last time. I got a response that yes he still had it and yes it was for sale, this time asking price was $12.5K!

Needless to say, I got my hands on a trailer, got directions and headed up to look at it before he changed his mind!!!! What I got was a matching drivetrain 440-4, 4-speed, 3:54 Dana car that had been traded in on a new Durango! This car was sitting at Maple City Dodge in Hornel, NY only 4-1/2 short hours away from me in NJ. So 31 years after being sold "new", I managed to buy my Charger as a "used car" from a Dodge dealer and have paper work that states it! He even knocked $500.00 off it.

It is currently a "driver" and had been hotrodded a bit over the years. I am in the process of collecting the missing stock parts and sometime in the future will restore it. I take my son to the local car shows and swap meets with it and he gets a real kick out of it. For now, I just want to enjoy the thrill of driving a big-block, 4 speed car again.

Something that the mini-van just don't give ya!!!!!!

Rich Mager

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